Great Grandpa Take My Hand


Great Grandpa take my hand, show me the way. What is our adventure today?

I feel so safe, your rough worn hand  in mine.

You stop and let me explore, you don’t rush me. You wait and then we continue on our way.

We take our time.

 I know that you will always be there to catch me if I fall. You teach me. You guide me.

Hand in hand we walk, I look up at you and smile. We both giggle.

You are my teacher, my partner in crime.

You make me laugh with your child like games, playing into my mischievousness.

You carry me when our adventure wears me out. Rocking me slowly, with your low hum of vintage lullabies.

 I nestle in your big arms, melting into your chest. My comfort, my hero, my Great Grandpa.

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