The Best Advice My Pediatrician Ever Gave Me



today i was2

Today I was a patient… I sat in the toddler’s doctor’s office nestled between the toy kitchen and the toy bin.  Getting my vitals checked and recheck, as my back slowly ached from the hard wood floor I rested on.

Today I was a zoo keeper as I cared for and tucked multiple plush animals into bed.

Today I was referee, over who got to use the blue sippy cup or who’s turn was it to play with a toy we found from under the couch.

Today, I was a crime fighter. Battling the mischievous grass stains, ill-disciplined Kool Aid splashes, and wicked mystery blubs that have conducted multiple offence to my kids clothing.

Today, I was a traffic cop.  Protecting the sidewalks from the crazed driver of the tricycle and the big red Little Tikes car.

Today, I was a personal shopper as a searched the self at Walmart for my husband’s deodorant in a certain secant, only to find they no longer make it after searching three stores.

Today, I was a personal chef as I prepared a well-balanced meal only to resort to the frozen chicken nuggets when I was not up to anyone’s liking.

Today, I was writer into the wee hour into the night as the house is finally quiet.  The only sound that fills the house is the noise of tapping my key board and the sweet hum of the air conditioner. The low light of my lap top light the desk, where the yellow legal pad has already been filled with a listen of who I will be tomorrow.






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