Making Mom Life Livable: My Favorite Things

 Making Mom Life Livable_ My Favorite Things

There are countless ‘list’ out there on mom hacks, list of items you need for your new baby, and how to organize your house in two hours. However, is there a list with real things you need as a mom. Not a list of expensive beauty products or million-dollar coffee drinks, but real items that moms use to just get through the day?

This is a realistic list of items my family uses on a daily basis. Nothing is expensive, nothing is over the top. Just items I use, a real mom, to make my life easier. To make mom life livable!



Squigz are these super cool toys you can stick together, or anywhere else. They stick to windows, table tops, high chair trays… everywhere.  It’s a great busy time activity for the kids as you get dinner on the table. Its been a real life saver and worth the money. They also have baby size ones, which are great teeth toys!


Lush Big Hair

I used to love LONG HOT showers…. Hahah now I am lucky if I get to shower alone in the bathroom, or I get a shower that lasts more then two minutes.

Lush’s Big Hair shampoo is great product! It’s a little weird because it has sea salt in it, but boy does it suds up. It gives your hair a ton of volume and shine. It’s truly a miracle worker on a mom’s greasy and lifeless hair!


Ellanor Klaire Stoller Straps

You’re in busy store and your child is having a major meltdown. They need a snack, toy, or juice. Your standing on your head trying to fish your diaper bag out from the bottom of your stroller. The Ellanor Klaire stroller straps are a life saver. You can clip your diaper bag on the back of your stroller for easy access.  Plus, they come in a ton of fun colors and styles.


Shelby’s Snack Shack Game

My toddler is obsessed with this  Shelby’s Snack Shack Game ($21 on Amazon)! It’s a simple and easy game. You spin the spinner and count out the bones, the one with the most bones at the end wins. It’s a great game to work on counting, hand/eye coordination,  and the best part is that its not a super long game to play. Its the prefect game for toddlers!


My Planners

When you’re a busy mom you need to stay organized. I have to have multiple planners every year, I like these planners from Target the best. They are cheap at only $3 each.


Kirkland Toilet paper (from Costco)

I love this stuff! When you have a toddler, who is busy going to the “bathroom” by herself, you need toilet paper that won’t clog the toilet. This stuff is cheap, super soft, and we have NEVER had a clog while using this stuff. A few weeks ago, we were out and I picked up another brand (a more expensive brand) and we had major clogs!


Pampers Wipes

We use baby wipes for everything in our house! Like for real, everything.  Wipes are always in arms reach.  I use them on the dog paws after they walk in every mud puddle outside. I used them to clean my dash in the car. I use them to wipe up messy faces, clean tooth paste out of the kid’s bathroom sink, wipe up spilled dinner off the floor, and so many other daily activities. They are a life saver!

Now, I know this is not the most eco-friendly way of life, I get it. However, I am a busy mom with two young kids– heck I will save the world another day.


Under Eye Concealer

I bought this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer  ($7 on Amazon)when we were sleeping training our youngest. I have to say its my go to product, like if I was only able to have one beauty product in my bathroom this would be it!!!

It can hide those massive puffy bags under your eyes and it makes you look ten years younger. I ordered mine one shade lighter so it adds brightness.  I am not a make up expert, but hey this stuff makes me look human! It’s so worth the seven bucks!


Sexy Hair, Big Hair Spray

I used to think that anyone who spent $15 on hair spray was crazy but this is my luxury item now and it’s completely worth it, ten times over. I love the Sexy Hair Big Hair Spray!  It’s a great hair spray that doesn’t get sticky or crunchy.  It can with stand chasing toddlers all day. You cant snag it for $12 at TJ MAXX or on Amazon for around $15.


Scoop the Poop

Scoop The Poop is the best book ever. Written by Meredith Masony, from That’s Inappropriate. She talks about how every one has struggles, while taking a comical look at motherhood and marriage! You will be laughing and crying all at the same time. The best read if your looking for some encouragement on life! I bought mine on Amazon, however you can also buy it on her website:


Kids Kindle

“Blue” we call it in our house, the Kids Kindle from Amazon is the BOMB!! I am not encouraging screen time; however, I have to say as a realistic mom… if your going to buy a tablet this is the one to buy. It comes with a life warranty on it. Ours has been sat on, stepped on, thrown, you name it and there is not a mark on it! If your child does break it, Amazon will replace it for free!!

It comes with a million, no for real like a million, books on it instantly- you don’t have to download them! All of the movies or shows are completely kid friendly (like toddler friendly).  Everything from Daniel Tiger to Bubble Guppies. (you do need a Prime membership for the unlimited movies, but there are some available for download for free).

It’s a great item for quiet time, long car rides, and anytime you child wants to watch a show but you can’t stand to listen to the theme song one more time. My daughter currently loves play the puzzle games on hers! It’s a great product, and its totally worth it!

The nice thing is that is a “parent mode” so you can use it as a tablet also. You can read your kindle book, watch Netflix, or look at Facebook. Its really a great product!!


Ellanor Klaire Hair Bows

The toddler has really become a big girly girl, and we are obsessed with the Ellanor Klaire hair bows in our house! They are super cute, and the best part is they STAY IN HER HAIR! It’s tough to find hair bows that don’t side out of her thin toddler hair, these work great! There are a million colors and styles to choose from, and at only $3 each you can buy them all!!


These are just a few items that save my life daily. A few inexpensive items that make motherhood more livable!


 *****Disclaimer none of these companies are paying me to say how much I enjoy these items!!  However, this post does contain affiliate links from Amazon. Meaning, I will make a few cents off every item that you purchased- just to help support my coffee addiction and keep Laughter and Kisses lights on!

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