Granny Panties and Nursing Bras


granny pantiesThis weekend I did a Target run with my sister in-law. She is expecting her second baby in just a matter of a few weeks. So, we hit up Target for all those last minute post-baby items she will need.

After grabbing a few hospital snacks and diapers, we were standing in front of the nursing bras. I started to laugh because right next to the nursing bras were those big old Grannie Panties! You know the kind. Touché Target! Touché!

Target, you know our mom needs well. You know that we will need to rock those big baggy panties for weeks after our hospital stay, as our lady bits heal. Feeling ohhhh so sexy the whole time.

As we wandered those aisles, gathering all of the post baby needs. I started to think about all those feelings you start to get those last few weeks of pregnancy.

Along with the excitement of holding your baby for the first time, smelling that sweet head, counting those tiny fingers and toes over and over again. Most moms experience the same anxiety. The “what did I get myself into” feelings.

With your first you wondering if you will be cut out for motherhood. How will you know what this new tiny human will need and if you will be able to prove that for them. You feel all that pressure of the unknown!

With your second you wonder how this time will be different, how will I manage another child as the reality of being out numbered becomes more real. I remember one day, I had finally gathering enough guts to call my mom and ask her the question that had been nagging at me for months. “Will I ever love this new baby as much as I love my daughter?”

I was scared, my daughter and I were so extremely close (mainly due to the massive amount of alone time we had spent together). I was worried I would never have that tight bond with my son. I was worried I would not have enough love to give him. However, just as my mom reassured me, this was normal to feel. Of course you will have enough love. I love my son just as much as my daughter. It’s a normal feeling/fear that moms have the second or third time around.

Moms in those last few weeks have so many feelings and fears as that due date grows closer. The to-do list of things to prepare for baby because more pertinent. However, how often do we emotionally prepare ourselves for that new baby. That is never on the Pinterest baby prep lists that everyone uses.

When my daughter was born, my husband and I always joked because the diapers at Walmart were always right next to the beer. It was always a chicken or the egg decision in our house. What came first. Did they buy the beer and it resulted in a baby? Or do you need the beer because of the baby? It’s funny how stores have now become more aware of parent’s needs. It’s also amazing how a shopping trip for simple baby items can bring back so many memories and feelings.

One thought on “Granny Panties and Nursing Bras

  1. Aww, those same wonderings happen to me every time! I am expecting my fifth this winter and I STILL wonder how in the world I’ll have enough love for her (even though I am over the moon about each of my four), lol. I know I will, but I don’t know HOW I will. 😉
    “Did they buy the beer and it resulted in a baby? Or do you need the beer because of the baby?” – LOL, this made me laugh! 😀


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