Giving Back To Your Community: Toddler Edition

Giving Back To Your Communit


I’m always preaching about giving back. It’s something that my parents have distilled in me from a young age.  Every week we try to find a way to give back to our community. A small token to make someone else have a better day. A way to bring a smile to someone else’s day!

I try my best as a busy mom to teach my daughter every week the power of kindness. Some weeks it’s a small thing like her holding the door open for someone, and some weeks it’s a big event like bringing cookies to the fire station.  No matter the event, I know I am teaching the power of kindness. Isn’t that what our world needs more of right now?

So even at a toddlers age, we have found tons of ways to pass along smiles and kindness in our community. Here are some of them.


Aldi carts

It’s always mass chaos going to Aldi, I dread it like I dread a pap smear! Two kids, that dang cart situation, the crazy mess of the store. Yes, we save a ton on our weekly grocery budget, however, I get the cold sweats just thinking about the trip ahead of me.

My toddler has come to love the trips, because as our act of kindness is taking a dollars’ worth of quarters and pre-paying for a few people’s cart. When the next four people come, they won’t have to dig out a quarter for their cart. She loves doing this!


Good Bag Goodness

We have packed goody bags for cancer patient at the HOPE Lodge. The Hope Lodge is a place where cancer patients and their caregivers can stay when they are receiving treatment far from home free of charge. It’s like a free hotel for cancer patients. There are Hope Lodges across the country and are located in most major cities.  We pack little bags of love for them to grab in the morning at the front desk. They include: snacks (since most of the day will be spent at the hospital), a bottle of water, a little love notes, and some gum or hard candy.  These are easy to pack with the toddler, and she loves drawing or adding stickers on the outside of the brown sandwich bag to make it a little more special.


Bring goodies to the station

We love to bake in our house! However, when mommy is busy sometimes I fake it and buy them at Target. Whatever happens, we try once a year to bring goodies to the local police and fire station!! Our way of thanking them for all that they do to keep us safe!


Share the love with those Labor and Delivery nurses

Gosh, is there a kinder soul in the whole world then those saints of Labor and Delivery nurses! Think about it!! I can’t praise them enough! I can remember my two nurses’ names, and every inch of their face. Gosh they will always hold such a special place in my heart!

We have always tried to deliver some kind of special treat to our nurses on the kid’s birthdays. However, since moving away from both hospitals we have just dropped them off at the now closest ones!

No matter the location, those nurses work their tail off. I still remember mine helping me into the shower after having my son, and washing me up. I mean who wants that job! Again, can I say …. Saint.


A thank you goes a long way!

A simple thank you goes a long way, we have all had bad days at work. A simple reminder that our hard work is appreciated can go along ways. Plus, the toddler loves craft projects. So, we make a ton of thank your cards. Dropping them off at our doctor’s office, police, fire, mail carrier, teachers, and vet. They all love the toddlers ‘art work’ and it brings a smile to their face.


The Kid Parade

I know it sounds silly but when I parade my kids around at the nursing home, everyone involved enjoys it! We have gone and reverse trick or treated, where we have handed out candy with the kids in costume. We have walked the halls in our princess dress handing out cards. We have also handed out flowers at May Day or Valentine’s day. Everyone at the nursing home smiles and laughs at the cuteness. The toddler loves showing off and being praised for her cuteness.  Just give your local nursing home a call!


Puppy Love

Toddlers and Puppies, what could be wrong with that picture? For my daughters 1st Birthday we donated old pillow, blankets, and a few dog toys to the local humane society. It’s a great way to give back, and enjoy seeing those cute wagging tails as you deliver those new treats!


I try my best as a busy mom to take the time to teach my kids how to give back to the community and say thank you to those special people in our life who are always there for us in our time of need. A simple act can make so much difference in someone else’s life.

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