The Kiss Method To Motherhood

kiss mom2 

I have formed a bad habit…

You see whenever I complete a task, a chore, or just check something off my to-do list I reward myself. I reward myself with a kiss. Not the quick peck on the check kind but the melt in your mouth, silky goodness, ohhh baby yeah kisses. Yes, I am talking about those sweet, crave able, mass produced kisses from my handsome friend Hersey’s!

I reward myself with this sweet treat every time. It has now become a few dozen times a day. I folded all the clean laundry, kiss. Made dinner, kisses. Brought the toddler to dance class, kiss. Survived the water show we call bath time, kiss. Got the two crazy kids to sleep in their OWN bed, kiss!

Yes, I have found myself enjoying those sweet kisses, multiple times a day. Closing my eyes, taking in the pure beauty of the moment. Taking a few extra seconds to breath before tackling the next task.

Besides the extra five pounds I will also be enjoying due to my bad habit, I love those kiss moments. Those few seconds during the day are my sanity. As moms we are always moving, grooving, and leaping to the aid of our family.  Don’t we deserve those few moments to turn off our brain and breath. Doesn’t taking those few seconds to regroup make us better parents?

So, I stand here, looking down at my to-do list (a mile long) checking off one of those countless chores. I close my eyes and I breath in that sweet chocolatey kisses. Taking a few moments, before I move on to my next task.

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