Giving Back To Your Community: Toddler Edition

Giving Back To Your Communit


I’m always preaching about giving back. It’s something that my parents have distilled in me from a young age.  Every week we try to find a way to give back to our community. A small token to make someone else have a better day. A way to bring a smile to someone else’s day!

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Red, White, And Paint

red white and paint

Red, White, And Blue Baby Paint

My son is always wanting to be just like his big sister! He always wants to be doing what she is doing, he wants to play with what she is playing with, and eat what she is eating.  She is his whole world!

When it comes to our daily afternoon art projects, it has proven difficult to find toddler/ baby friendly activities. The number one thing we like to do in our house is paint! Lots and lots of paint splatters, muddy brown paint water, and wet brushes. I don’t mind the mess however, when it comes to the baby it can be even more difficult. Continue reading “Red, White, And Paint”