Red, White, And Paint

red white and paint

Red, White, And Blue Baby Paint

My son is always wanting to be just like his big sister! He always wants to be doing what she is doing, he wants to play with what she is playing with, and eat what she is eating.  She is his whole world!

When it comes to our daily afternoon art projects, it has proven difficult to find toddler/ baby friendly activities. The number one thing we like to do in our house is paint! Lots and lots of paint splatters, muddy brown paint water, and wet brushes. I don’t mind the mess however, when it comes to the baby it can be even more difficult.

Through lots of trial and error, I have realized the trick to painting with a baby is zip lock bags! I squirt some paint on the paper then place it into a zip lock bag. He can use his hands to finger paint or sometimes I give him a brush.  Its mess free and he is none the wiser.

We did this special project when my daughter was younger for her patriotic uncle, and we recently did it again with my son!

I got an 8×10 flat canvas from Walmart, 3 pack for under $5! I use masking tape or painters tape to make strips horizontally across the canvas. Then I cover a square of the canvas on the upper left-hand corner, to form a flag.

paint 1


The parts without tape covering them with be painted red.  I globed on some red craft paint and placed inside the gallon size zip lock.  THE KEY IS TO TAPE THE ZIPPER CLOSED!


The baby or toddler can smear the paint around, until the canvas is covered.  Let dry for at least three hours after you removing it from the bag. Once dry, remove all the tape slowly.

You will now have the red strips for the flag with a white block in the upper left-hand side for the blue part and stars. 

paint 3

I have cheated and painted the blue square myself or with help of the toddler. Once the blue square is dry I then use white craft paint to make the hand print.

paint 4

Spread a thin layer of white craft paint on a paper plate, firmly press the child’s hand onto the paint.  Then press the hand on the blue square on the canvas.

This makes a fun gift for grandparents or for yourself. It’s so much fun to look back later and enjoy how little their hands were!


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