Unexpected Things Parents Can Do To Protect Their Child: Tips From The Professionals- Part One

Unexpected things parents can do to protect their child_ Tips from the ProfessionalsPart one

It’s late at night, the room is dark. You can’t sleep and your mind begins to wander. You replay the day’s events over and over again in your head. You think about news coverage you watched as you prepared dinner. The horror on those families faces as they begged for help to find their missing child, the smoke billowing from the home where the firefighters pulled out the family pet, the dark red blood that covered the ground after the hit and run. The evening news shares those images with you as you were about to sit down to a family dinner.

You start to wonder, in the comfort of your bedroom, could that happen to us? How am I going to protect my kids in a world of bad things? You start to sweat and your heart starts to race.

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Why We Teach And Don’t Preach

why we teach

When your toddler looks at you with that fire in their eyes and the devil eyed grin on their face, you can tell that they are just thinking “dare me…” Their toes just inches for the edge of the couch as they tower there waiting to leap until you lock eyes with them.

The terrible two’s, it’s not a myth! It’s a real thing! They are trying to learn about the world around them, seeing what the limits are and how far they can push them. It’s hard! 

I find myself countless times a day saying “NO”.  No you can’t have more juice, no the dog is not to be ridden on, no you cannot color on the table… the list goes on.

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