Valentine’s Day Project for Kids- Love Bugs

Valentines Day Project for Kids- Love Bugs

Ohh… the joys of Valentine’s Day. I break out into a cold sweat when I think about having my five-year-old write the 20+ names on her tiny valentines. Ohh … the torture.

However, check out this easy (And food allergy- class room friendly) Valentine’s Day craft for your kids. The perfect Valentines that don’t require that dreaded tiny cards!

Valentines Day Project for Kids- Love Bugs2

The supplies you will need:

Apple sauce cups (I normally use strawberry but we have a food allergy this year to berries in the classroom)

Pipe cleaners

Googly eyes

Hot glue (for mom only)

Pom poms

Foam hearts (you can find them at the dollar store or Walmart)


The foam hearts I found at Walmart this year were stickers so you can peel them and stick them to the top of the apple sauce cup. Then flipping the cup upside down – mom you can hot glue the eyes on, pom pom nose, and the pipe cleaner to the top. The kids love to shape the pipe cleaners into funny shapes. And you are done.

Valentines Day Project for Kids- Love Bugs3

It’s a super easy craft to do with your kids (you just have to do the gluing) and it’s a fun treat to share with their class.

I got the apple sauce cups at Costco ($9 but there was a ton left over!!), we had the pipe cleaners and eyes. The foam hearts and pom poms were from Walmart and costed a total of $2.98. So total for a classroom full of kids, the total came out to be about $6! Not back for a school Valentine’s Day treat!

Enjoy this quick and easy treat this Valentine’s Day!!


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