Sickness Bucket- A Household Staple

sickness bucket

That dreaded bucket, you never want to reach for it but in the moment you’re so thankful it sits there in the back of the closet. Sometimes you reach for it in the darkness of the night, already mentally dreading the morning light that will come too soon. Sometimes you reach for it while you are full of the disappointment of having to cancel the plans you had for the rest of the day, mentally chucking out your to-do list.

No matter when, and how you reach for it. You will be thankful you are prepared for those running nose and green faces.

The sick bucket at our house sits in the linen closet, year-round. When you have kids, tiny petri dishes walking around your house, you never know when illness will rock your house. It’s always good to be prepared- because it’s Murphy’s law that they will most likely be sick when your husband is out of town for work or in the middle of the snow storm. You will want to have things on hand and ready! (Trust me- learn from my experiences!!!)

Our sickness bucket is a basket really- full of the supplies you need when germs over take the house. Anything I will need, ready, so I don’t have to worry about going to the store or gathering things in the middle of the night.


Here are my sickness bucket essentials:

“The bucket”– every family has the “bucket”. The puke bucket is what you give your kids in hopes that when they throw up it gets in the bucket not everywhere else. Kids and dogs are a like- when they feel like they are going to puke they will run to the closest patch of carpet and do so. It’s never on an easy cleanable surface. I also like to buy these “Barf Bags” from Amazon (or ask your nurse for some at your next doctor visit). They are easy to use, they catch it all, plus you can just toss them (no clean up).

Tissues- I always have a box of tissues in our bucket, because when you will need them you will be out.

Tummy essentials- the common things that calm a tummy. I always make sure I have some on hand and out of the kitchen, so they don’t get eaten. The Crackers, Gatorade, alkaline water (to help your body rehydrate and get your PH levels back to normal), soup, and cheerios.

Extra meds– I always has a stash of extra Ibuprofen and Tylenol set aside in my “sickness” bucket. That way we always have some on hand when it’s 2am and the little one decides to spike a fever of 102.3.

Puppy pads- yeah you heard me right! This is the best sickness hack I have! Treat yourself to the pet aisle!!! It will be the best $5 you will ever spend! I use these all the time when the kids are sick. Put the pads  under them in bed or on the couch. It will protect your future and if they get sick (from either end), you can just toss them! No washing gross contaminated towels!

sickness bucket2

Old beach towels- I used these for the “splash zone” incase  things aren’t caught on the puppy pads.

FULL container of Antibacterial wipes– lets keep those germs at bay, and most importantly away from the husband (you know what happens if he gets SICK!!). I wipe everything down countless times a day, trying my best to be on top of the germs. Wiping down games and toys after we use them too.

sickness bucket4

A few prizes- I also have a few dollar store crafts- to keep them busy when they are run down and the cartoons are not doing it anymore. Let’s face it we all could use a pick me up when we don’t feel great!

These are just a few things I always try to have ready, and on hand for those late-night cries. You never know when it’s going to rock your house, and trust me it’s so nice to have everything handy and ready in one spot

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