I Cried On My Morning Run

i cried on my morning run

This morning I cried on the beach.

Yep, balled like a hysterical crazy lady.

I sat in the sand crying.

Every morning this week I have gotten up before the sun and went for a run. Sweating out every ounce of frustration and pain from this past year. A year that nearly killed me. A year of holding my breath. A year of multiple scary hospital stays for me and the kids. A year of unknowns. Sharp unexpected turns on our road of life.

It felt like this past year was just waves -that kept crashing down on us, we never could get our footing before the next one came crashing in.

After a year of holding my breath. I could finely breathe.

I took a deep breath this morning and all the pain and fear of the past year came flooding out.

It’s a reminder – you never know what people aren’t sharing on social media. We all have stuff going on behind closed doors. Everyone is holding their breath for one reason or another.

I survived this year, I survived a year that I never saw coming! I made it through and was finally able to take a deep breath for the first time in a long time this morning. And waves where pulling this years stress back out to sea.

-Laughter and Kisses

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