Don’t Blink- These Are The Moments We Live For

Don_t Blink- These Are The Moments We Live For

I was standing in my kitchen yesterday morning, taking in my normal dishwasher steam facial as I was unloading yet another load of the day. The kids were noisily playing in the family room, battling over a big red fire truck tent. Per my norm I had my best friend Alexa playing some country music, so I could get my cardo in as I danced around the kitchen.

“Don’t blink” the lyrics bellowed out, I stopped mid step- turning to look at my kids who were now peacefully playing in a land of make believe. Smiling at each other and giggling with excitement. I looked at my sink of dirty dishes and the toys that were scattered across my kitchen floor. Colorful crayons decorated my kitchen table, with pictures of flowers and puppy dogs. The dog watched the kids play from them the comfort of the couch, safely from their reach.

Don’t blink- I know that I will someday miss these moments. The moments of mess and noise. I will miss those late-night cries and tiny arms wrapping around my neck when I scoop them out of the bath. These are the moments, the messy moments, that I will miss.

The house will be quiet, empty, and well-kept someday. I will sit, yes sit, and miss those days of exhaustion. I will miss those cold cups of coffee. The toys under foot. The noise of tiny voices chatting, repetitive kid’s music and the constant hum of the dishwasher will be a distant memory.

These are the moments, the moments that life is all about. The moments we live for.

These are the moments that make our life worth living. The moments I have waited for all my life.

It’s hard to remember this in the moment. It’s hard to remember to enjoy those hard days. When you are burned out, worn out, and over-run with house work.

The days are long but the years are short. You will one day miss the struggles, the snuggles, and the mess.

Don’t blink- before you know it they will be a year older.

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