Bed Time Stories- A Magical Time For Mother And Child

Bed Time Stories- A Magical Time For Mother And Child

I kiss my daughter on the forehead, she is still busy chatting about something that has happened earlier today. Something I am not sure that really happened, just part of her overly active toddler imagination. I whisper “good night, I love you.”

She is still busy chatting when I hit the doorway, looking back at her one more time. I am unsure if she is talking to me or the small animal shelter of plush pets on her bed.

She looks up and smiles. “Night mommy.”

My heart swells. How can one tiny human break your soul like this. One look with those big toddler eyes, and the day washes away. All the struggles, the negotiations, the pleading (from the both of us)- fade away as the sun sets.

When she crawls into my lap at story time, her long legs curling into a ball as she melts into my chest. She watches the colorful illustrations dance across the page.

Magic comes to life as we read. Exploring faraway places together- escaping the current mountain of wet towels that are waiting for me in the bathroom. Evidence from our bath time adventures.

Her eyes dance as we encounter wild animals on our nightly adventure. Battling dragons and flying with fairies. We wind down as we turn the last page, sad for our nightly escape to come to an end.

I pick the book off the floor later that night, as I tip toe in to check on her.

Her eyes flutter as she dreams of fairies dancing in the back yard, of glass slippers, and bears living in hollowed out trees. A small half smile creeps on her face and she exhales slowly.

The bed time stories, a magical time for mother and child.

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