To The Mom Of Young Kids, It Gets Better.

To The Mom Of Young Kids, It Gets Better.2

To the mom who is sitting alone at home, nursing that sweet baby. Feeling isolated and alone. Who feels dirty and gross as she has not had a decent shower in days. Who is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of housework that needs to be done. Who is emotionally overwhelmed by hormones, and the lack of sleep. To that mom- I promise it gets better.

Things will get better, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There will be a day where your kids will play by themselves.  Where you can then take the time to unload the dish washer, or actually put the laundry away and not live out of laundry baskets.


Where the baby won’t need you to hand spoon that baby mush into their mouth for them. Where you can enjoy a hot meal, a few bites at a time. There will be a time when the toddler can refill their own cup during the day, and they require less help in the kitchen when they need to grab a snack.


There will be a day where you don’t have a panic attack every time you bring multiple kids to the store for milk, holding your breath that no one has a meltdown.


It will get better.

To The Mom Of Young Kids, It Gets Better.

Your house will no longer constantly smell of dirty diapers. You won’t need to spend countless hours hooked up to a breast pump as it beats up you to the point of tears. You won’t need to wash those countless bottles every night and pray every morning that you have clean pump parts.


I know you’re feeling overwhelmed. I promise you, you are not failing. You’re tough, you will get through this. It will get better. A little better every day.


Just look at how far you have come! Those first few hours home, alone, with that new baby. You survived that, you can survive this. It will pass soon. Things will get better. As dark and as bad as they are now, they will get better!



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