FIVE Mother’s Day Gifts For Under $5



It’s that time of year again… MOTHER’S DAY and spring is just around the corner! Mother’s Day is known for bad gifts. Kids make these macaroni noddle necklaces, and popsicles sticks picture frames. Here are gifts moms (and grandmas) will want to receive. There are five gifts you can make for under five dollars, that you can make with the kids.

Flower Pot

The ultimate Mother’s Day gift, this flower pot is a super simple craft to do with your kids. Purchase a clay pot with any home improvement store.

Make sure it’s a clay pot, the paint will not stick to plastic and will smear when you push their feet on to the pot.  You can use any craft paints you have at home. If you want to use the pot outside I would recommend using a spray sealer on the pot once the paint has dried.

Brush the bottom of your child’s feet with a thin layer of paint. Depending on the size of their feet, you can do multiple colors on each foot. Once the paint is dry add the antennas with a black permanent marker.

Add some potted flowers to the pot once it is dry! A prefect spring time gift to kick off summer!



Nail Polish Kit

Everyone could use some fresh polished toes for spring. This is a great gift that the kids can help put together and pick out the items.

I found this cute jar in the dollar section at Target. Have the kids fill the bottom of the jar with cotton balls. Add a nail file, some bright nail polishes, and a nail clipper.



Oven Mitt

Grandmas love to spend time in their kitchen with the grandkids. This is a great Mother’s Day gift for grandmas or moms.

Purchase an oven mitt, I found this one at Walmart for $.88, and some fabric paint.  Spread a thin layer of paint over your child’s hand, press firmly over the hand and pull their hand straight up. Add the text with a squeeze bottle of fabric paint.

Add some cookie mix, some recipe cards, and a wooden spoon.

****Make sure the painted part of the mitt never hits the hot pan, it will melt depending on the paint you use.


Pallet Sign

These pallet signs are all the rage all the rage right now. This one requires no tools to make! I found this pallet sign in the Walmart craft area for $4.98.

You can use just normal craft paint on the wood. It works best if you do the hand print and foot prints first then add the letters. If you want to add something extra, you can add some fun ribbon to hang the sign.



Sugar Scrub

This is my all-time favorite gift. It’s an item to use on a daily basis. This easy sugar scrub is prefect for the busy mom to use in the shower, so we don’t have to use lotion after. This also works great to remove the odor from cutting onions on your hands. Mix one-part coconut oil, you can buy it just about everywhere, with two parts white sugar. You can melt the coconut oil by placing the glass jar of oil in warm water until it becomes liquid. Mix well. You can add Essential Oils if you prefer.


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