Top Ten Las Vegas Hacks

Top Ten Las Vegas Hacks

When you travel to Las Vegas, it can be overwhelming the first time! It can be an expensive city! However, there are a few hacks to enjoy your trip, keep your check book in line, and get the most out of your trip!

Never Buy A Drink

A casino bar can charge $10-17 for a drink! The best way to save when you are on the strip, don’t buy drinks! The best way to enjoy a beverage on the strip is to pay the slots and tip the waitress. I am not a gambler, however if there was ever a time to “try”. When you play the slots and dropping a few bucks, you can score free beverages. Make sure you tip those waitresses BIG! They will repay the favor!


$20 Can Go A Long Way

When you check in to your hotel, try the whole $20 trick. It may score you an upgrade. Slide a $20 bill along with your credit card and ID at check in. Ask if there are any free upgrades available! They might upgrade you to a bigger room, or a suite if its available. Make sure you’re always nice to those working in hospitality, it will pay off!


Never Pay Full Price For The Show Tickets

You should never pay full price for show tickets, even to a show you really want to see. You can score some great deals on shows in two ways. You can wait until the day of the show to score some major deals! They want to fill the theater and often will give you a great deal to get people in the seats. There are also great deals on countless websites such as!

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There Are Tons Of Free Things To Do In Vegas

You don’t need to shell over $20+ for a ticket to Las Vegas events, there are tons of things to do on the strip for FREE!! Check out Treasure Islands nightly pirate show on the strip, check out Bellagio’s art garden or world-famous fountains. Check out the Mirage’s aquarium. Look at all the razzle dazzle of Cosmopolitan Casino. Walk into old Italy with the Venetian Hotel and watch the gondola paddle by. Take your photo outside the Eiffel tower! There is a TON of free sighting every where you look for FREE!!

Top Ten Las Vegas Hacks2

Invest In One Big Meal

Vegas has some of the most amazing restaurants you will ever visit! It’s worth spending your whole days food budget on just one meal. If you get dressed up at night and visit a fancy restaurant or grab lunch at an All-you- can- Eat buffet, its worth spending the $30 plus on the meal. Snack during the day, and there are tons of cheap places to grab on the go food. Save your wallet for those once in a life time meal!


Find The Right Place To Stay

New York is more family friendly and the audience reflect that. MY TOP recommendation of places to stay is Vadara! These rooms were built to be condos, however it turned into a hotel. There isn’t a casino in the hotel which makes it more chill and quiet. Its more of a spa like feeling. Each room has a huge bathroom, family room like area, kitchen, and breath-taking views. It’s a great location too, right on the strip. It’s connected to the Bellagio, steps away from the Aria and Cosmo. Some of the top hotels on the Strip!


Walk And See The Sights

The one thing about Vegas is that nothing as it appears. Specially when it comes to the Strip. It may look as if the next casino is close by, however trust me, it’s farther than it appears! Make sure you pack a great pair of walking shoes! The best part of Vegas is walking the strip and seeing the sights. It’s great people watching, trust me you will see things you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE! So, lace up those shoes and enjoy the sights.

*** if you’re a girl and are planning on dressing up at night, MAKE SURE you grab a pair of these flats. You can slip them in your purse for when your feet get tired in heels. That way you have comfy shoes with and you can just slip them on!

Top Ten Las Vegas Hacks4

Spend The Cab Fare And Go To “Old Vegas”

These is something not everyone does when they go to Vegas and I have to highly recommend it. Take a cab to OLD VEGAS. The original hotels and old school gambling. You will see dancers dancing behind the poker tables, the super smoky old school casinos, some of which still use coin slot machines. It’s not somewhere you will want to spend all your time but its great people watching!


Take The Time To Relax Too

There are tons to do in Vegas, things are always moving in this town. Make sure you take some time to relax too, it is a vacation remember. I can’t recommend the Vdara Hotel’s Pool MORE! You won’t see all those skimpy bikini spring breakers and drunk partiers here. It’s a nice relaxing pool with a cheap price tag. You can rent a couch for the day (including Smart Water and a fruit plate) for $50 a day! Super chill and great sunshine!

Top Ten Las Vegas Hacks8

Hit Up Walgreens

The top tip I have for anyone traveling to Vegas is, once you arrive hit up Walgreens! There are multiple Walgreens along the strip. Stock up on water (remember you are in the dessert), snacks, and hang over cures. These items will be SO MUCH cheaper there then at your hotel gift shop. Walgreens is always our first stop once we arrive!

*** They also sell Alcohol at Walgreens if your looking for a cheap way to skip the mini bar!


BONUS: Spend The Extra Cash On A Central Located Hotel

The strip is huge! The casinos look like they are close together, however trust me it’s a walk. Spend a few extra bucks and book a room in the middle of the strip. You will make up the difference on cab fare! Plus, that is where all the action is, where you will want to be. Plus, the classier hotels are in the middle! This means way better drinks (for free if you gamble) and you will skip that “questionable” crowd. (aka those spring breaker, college kids). Trust me its worth the little extra cash!

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