How To Save For A Couple’s Getaway


How To Save For A Couple_s Getaway

My husband and I knew we had to getaway for a while, regroup and reconnect. When you have two young kids it can be hard on a marriage. However, living on one income can be hard too. As a stay at home mom, I knew that if we were going to be able to afford to getaway together we would have to get creative with our budget. Here are few ways you can set a little money aside every week for a special couple’s getaway with your main squeeze.


This is a great way to score cash back on things you already purchase. I can score cash back on buy items like carrots, yogurt and toilet paper. All I have to do is scan my receipt! I can cash it out with PayPal.   (Receive $10 by just entering the code: vvdvhqi)


Donating Plasma

This is something that we used to do back in college, for “book” money. However, it still is a simple fast way to make extra cash. All you have to do is pass a simple physical and your set. They pay anywhere from $60-80 a week for you to come in and donate. You can sit there for an hour watching tv, working, or reading. It’s just like donating blood, but easier.


Just Between Friend’s Sale

There is cash in your closets, literally. I love to clean out our closets and get rid of all of those kids clothes they have out grown. The best part, is that you can sell them at the Just Between Friends Sales. All I have to do is price and drop it off! They mail me a check a few weeks later. I just sold two totes of kid’s clothes that they no longer fit into and I made $180 from it!


We Pack Ahead- No Drive Through

We never use the drive thru, even when we are out with the kids running errands. We always pack plenty of snacks, and water. If we are going to be out shopping, at the park, or driving around near meal time. I pack their lunch boxes with a meal. They love having a picnic in the back of the car, and it saves us some major cash!


Grocery Budget And Stick To It

Every week I have a set amount of money to use towards groceries and that is it! Some weeks the chips and Diet Coke get put back because we are over budget. That is just the way it is. It has been kind of a game how low we can get the grocery budget every week.  Meal planning and food budgeting is hard, trust me I get it.  It takes some scarifies and it takes time to prepare meals. However, the cash reward is totally worth it.


Sell It ALL

I have honestly been amazed with the items I have sold on Mercari, things I was just going to throw away. Such as the $18 I made on an old cell phone case that no longer fit my phone!

Mercari is a super easy selling app, and best of all doesn’t require meeting up with people for an ‘exchange’. All you do is take a photo of the item, price it and wait. Once it sells you print off the premade shipping label and drop it in the mail! Once the buyer receives the item you get your cash!

I have made over $666.29 this year using the app with selling kids’ clothes alone! Anything from old shoes they have out grown to old winter jackets to Christmas dresses! It’s easy and doesn’t require much time to post.

I even made $120 from old NSYNC items my mom had her basement from my middle school days!

I just walk around the house with a laundry basket collecting items we no longer use and post them once a week. It feels great to get rid of the clutter and clean out!

I have also bought a ton of stuff on there super cheap, I great way to save on kids clothes too!

Get started here!

Sign up for Mercari and get $10 off your first purchase. Here’s my invitation link :


Book It Cheap!

There are a ton of last minute travel deals. You can book a weekend getaway super cheap if you book it last minute and you are open to destinations. Check out sites like Groupon or Expedia for great travel deals!



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