What Is A 3am Friend, And Why Every Mom Needs One!


3 am Friend


It’s 3am. The house is dark, the world has shut down for the night. Maybe you’re up nursing that baby by the low glow of the night light. Maybe you’re in bed cursing your husbands snoring, awaking you from your much-needed slumber. Maybe the world just seems like too much and your just too overwhelmed to sleep. No matter what, that 3am friend is there.


We all have that friend, (if you don’t, you need one!) that we can message, text, or call at all hours of the night. Who no matter what they will be there for you.

I call it a 3am friend, because when I was up nursing in the middle of the night- so was she. We could text in the middle of the night. Complaining about our husband’s useless nipples, talking about our motherhood struggles, and just being there for each other. Especially during this roller coaster ride that some people call motherhood.


We all should have that one person that we can reach out to – day or night. No matter what and they will be there for us. That is a 3am friend!


A true 3am friend is someone who you can unload life’s struggles on. Everything you want to say to your husband, to that bitch mom at the playground, to your mother in-law. You can say those things that you would never even whisper to anyone else in the world. You can tell your 3am friend, because she will never say a word. She gets it, she is having the same struggles!


A 3am friend is in the trenches with you. They are suffering from sleepless nights, countless toddler tantrums, an addiction to dry shampoo, and who also has coffee flowing through their veins. They are there alongside you- fighting along with you to survive motherhood. They understand when you are crying on your closet floor, they understand the frustrations you have with your husband and their lack of ability to make a scrabbled egg. They are there.


A 3am friend will never judge you. NEVER! They will never judge the mess that you call your home. They will never judge you for still being in your pajamas at four o’clock in the afternoon. They don’t care if you are not wearing makeup, or that your kid is throwing down an Academy Award winning fit in the back ground. They won’t judge you because they show you the same thing in return. They are right aside along you in the messy house, and the week-old cereal on the floor.


They will never judge you when you air your dirtiest of laundry. They will support you and talk you through a fight with your husband without holding it against him later. They won’t pass judgement when you tell them that some days… you just want to walk away and just have one day where you’re not a mom. They are there, they listen, and they won’t hold those bad moments over your head later. They know it was just a low; they won’t judge you as a wife, mom, or a friend.


You can share horror stories with these friends. You can share those gross, cringe worthy moments as a mom where you just gag! You know those moments where you are amazed by what came out of your baby, or what came out of you. Where you were humiliated in public. You can share your battle wounds with her, you can share your scares, you can share your victories. You can patch each other up, and giggle over the fact this is now your life.


A 3am friend, they lift you up. When the world seems like its crashing in around you. She lifts you up, she offers something stable for you to stand on. She gives you hope, she encourages you. When life and motherhood is just too much to handle, she stands by you. She holds your hand through the hardest, darkest times in your life. She cheers and celebrates along side you on life’s victories.


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