Good Bye Toys R Us, Thanks For The Memories

toys r us

This morning we wondered the aisles of Toys R Us for one last time. I was overwhelmed by the memories I had within this retailer’s walls. How our world was going to change now that they were closing their doors forever.

My kids will grow up in a world without that annoying song “I don’t want to grow up. I’m a Toy’s R Us kid…” That song would play countless times on the radio, sticking to your brain like melted fruit snacks. You would be singing it for days on end. Years later, I can honestly say- I wish I hadn’t grown up and just stayed a Toy’s R Us kid.


Those big Christmas toy catalogs that would arrive in your parent’s mail box round the same time as the first snow. It was big as a telephone book, or at least that is what it felt like as a kid. It’s pages full of toys, new adventures, endless possibilities. You would circle what you wanted Santa to bring you. You wished every night that those new toys would be waiting for you under the tree on Christmas morning! The Toy’s R Us catalog was the highlight of the holiday season as a kid.


I remembered walking into Toy’s R Us for the first time as an adult, the visit last less then two minutes. As a Mom-To-Be I had adventured in to peak at the baby stuff. It took me less then two minutes to feel overwhelmed sending me running to the car. Months later I returned, husband in tow. Tonight, was the night, we were to pick out our new stroller. We joined the other parents-to-be struggling with car seats and wrestling strollers-trying desperately to get them to collapse. The crying hormonal moms, and the swearing dads-to-be filled the area- as if a right of passage. To officially mark your entry into parenthood.


You can also see those cocky, second time around parents walking the aisles. As they register for the enormous packs of diapers, skipping over the cute new born size shoes and designer nursing covers. They know better. They giggled at those new parents struggling with the strollers, they can now do it one handed in the busiest parking lot within seconds.


It’s an end of an era and to childhood memories.  Will our kids ever find the joys of running down the aisles of a huge toy store? Will their eyes fill with delight and excitement as they wonder around discovering new toys in a land of make-believe? Will we ever see those dads to be struggling to collapse a stroller for the first time as they tremble with fear. No, that has been replaced by online shopping. To Toy’s R Us.. farewell. You will be missed. I will always hold our relationship close to my heart! Thanks for the memories!

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