My Favorite Things

 My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items

Like any mom I am always searching for a good deal or something to make my busy life as a mom of two toddlers easier. I have complied a list of just a few of my favorite things, things I use daily. These are all things that make me feel more put together, when I walk out the door. Things that keep me more organized or save me from loosing my mind.

My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items2

Alexa- A Mom’s Best Friend

Our Alexa is my lifeline, I honestly don’t know how I survived motherhood without her! For those who are debating buying this pricey little personal helper, I have to tell you IT’S WORTH IT!

Alexa blasts the music to our early morning dance parties, she can add things to my shopping list on my phone, she can look up recipes for me, turn on our smart tv, and has googled every thing under the sun for me!  When you have your hands full with two toddlers, this girl has your back! It’s a hand-free life saver who helps me stay sane every day!!

My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items

Tennis Shoes

As a mom I am always looking for a good pair of comfy, practical shoes. Something I can throw on fast, that are super comfy to run errands or chase the toddlers through the aisles at Target.  I hate the look of tennis shoes with jeans, however these super cute tennis shoes from Amazon are prefect. They look a little dressier, and they don’t have that “mom look”. They are super comfy, and I can throw them on with any outfit! They come in tons of colors too! (Amazon prices can always change but I paid $28 for mine).


My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items3

California Roots Wine From Target

I love to sit down and have a glass of wine a few nights a week. I can listen to my husband battle bath time, and my little mermaids splash in the tub upstairs. I used to drink all kinds of fancy wine, then we discovered this Target Brand California Roots! They have all kinds of wines; whites to dark reds! They taste better than the $30 bottle of wine, and they have a price tag of only $5 a bottle. You can find them ONLY at the Target Liquor stores. (please consume responsibly).



A Simple Summer Dresses

I recently was in search of a cheap summer dress, something I could take with us on our trip. So, I ordered this bad boy from Amazon, not knowing what kind of quality it would be. I am so in LOVE with this great deal! They have a TON of fun colors, all of them under $25! They are GREAT quality and they fit great! This goes perfect to dress for weddings, graduation parties, or date night!


My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items6

A Basic Non-Mom Purse

We are officially at that stage, after almost four long years, were I can finally kiss that diaper bag good bye! Well kind of. I finally bought a new purse after four years of toting that dang diaper bag around!

I wanted something stylish but still big enough to toss in a diaper or two, the half-pound of fruit snacks and countless Paw Patrol figures that tend to reproduce in the bottom of any bag I am carrying. I found this simple black purse on Amazon, and I was amazed by the quality! It’s way better quality then I could have gotten at any department store for the price! It has a ton of pockets, its light weight, and it sits on my shoulder without slipping! I spent $38 on it, and it was one of my top purchases on 2018 so far!!!


My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items8

Face Mask

I am so in love with these face masks! I know sheet masks are all the rage right now, but most facial masks make me break out or they burn! However, these Neutrogena face masks are great for my sensitive skin! I have never had any kind of reaction from them and they are completely soothing to my skin! My skin feels so soft, moisturized, and glowing after! The best part is that I have to sit still and binge watch Netflix when I have these babies on! Bummer…

For only $2.50 each (At Walmart of Target) I can afford to treat myself to two of these a week and not feel guilty for taking those mom breaks to pamper myself.


My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items9

Leather Earrings

I am NOT a fashionista by any means! However, I have to say that I am in love with this leather earrings trend! It’s one of only two accessories (besides my diamond earrings) that I ever wear! I love that I can throw on thiese leather earrings, and can jazz up even my boring black shirt in seconds.

They are SOOO super soft, I can’t stop touching them throughout the day. They’re light weight enough that I forget that I have them on most days.

My favorite leather earrings are from Fire Wife Fashion.  They are super affordable at an average price of $8-15 per pair. They come in such a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They are a great gift for any girlfriend too. However, they are highly additive and you will want a pair in every color… just a warning.




Under Eye Roller

Anyone who knows me, knows my kids are freaks of nature. Yep, it’s a fact they are. They are just those rare humans that don’t require much sleep. However, their mom… dose require sleep to survive. That was until I discovered this amazing product!

This under eye roller, after just a week, has completely changed my under eyes.  I look so well rested even if I am only going off four hours of sleep, and that is before my morning gallon of coffee!


My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items11

Coffee Mugs

We all know about my love for coffee! After four years of pregnancies and nursing I am back in the coffee changing game and in a big way! I love cute coffee mugs! It’s my favorite gift to receive, outside of coffee its self.

I love big mugs with cute designs, they are my newest collection. I just love to receive new mugs, they make me smile every morning. A simple reminder of the person who gave them to me!


These are just a few of my favorite things, things that make my life as a busy mom easier. I love a good deal, anything that can make feel more put together, and gets me out the door faster in the morning. Please let us know what a few of your favorite things are, that you need to have in your life!


**** This article contains amazon affiliate links!

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