Where Story Books Come Alive- The Magic of the Minnesota Zoo

Where Story Books Come Alive- The Magic Of The Minnesota Zoo9

She races down the path, blonde hair flying behind her. She turns, just to make sure that I am keeping up with her. I can see her eyes, glowing bright with excitement. She knows the way, she knows where she is headed. Her feet barely able to keep up, adventure awaits.

This is where story books come alive- where my kids come alive.

The Minnesota Zoo, a place like no other on earth. Where they can climb into hollowed out trees to explore with animals, where the tickle of string rays dance across their hands, where kangaroos jump across the path in front of them. It’s magic is a world of adventure.

Where Story Books Come Alive- The Magic Of The Minnesota Zoo7

She comes nose to nose with a bear, she places her hand on his paw that is resting on the glass. Their eyes meet, as if they are having a private conversation.  Wolves cry out as she approaches in her red jacket, warning the others that little red riding hood is coming down the path.

There is no other place on earth can I let my kids lead the way on an adventure, giving them the power to explore. I am worry free as the totting toddler falls, the soft cushioned path catches him, leaving him injury free.

Where story books come alive! The magic of the Minnesota Zoo

We make our way down the path, the kids ducking in and out of special passageways. Being able to get closer to the animals then even mom and dad. They peek through the clean clear glass at their eye level,  they watch in wonder at the animals they have only seen in books.

Where Story Books Come Alive- The Magic Of The Minnesota Zoo6

The sound of giggles and pure toddler laughter fills the air, making my heart swell as string rays guide pass the toddlers hand she is splashing in the tank. Her eyes dance as the sea creatures tickle her hand, their bright neon colors dancing under the water.

My daughter wraps her arms around the goat, as she softly brushes his fur. Its nose, deep within her sweatshirt pocket, looking for a snack.

Where Story Books Come Alive- The Magic Of The Minnesota Zoo

She squats near the ground and watches with curiosity as she is nose to nose with a kangaroos, asking me questions about their large feet.

The day is filled with sparkling eyes, adventure, and infectious laughter. The Minnesota Zoo has allowed our kids to watch story books come alive right in front of them. They explored the deep seas, farm life, the adventures of wild creatures. They have offered me a day of worry free exploring, and the ability to watch my kids dance with excitement. The Minnesota Zoo, where story books and my kids come alive!


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