Nine Hacks To Dressing Your Child For Under $200 A Year!

Nine hacks to dressing your child to the Nines for under $200 a year!8

One day your kid’s clothes fit like a glove, then one morning they wake up and nothing fits. Nothing is worse than shelling out hundreds of dollars a year on kids clothes they are going to wear for only a few months.

Here are nine hacks on dressing your kids to the nines on a budget, how you can save hundreds of dollars a year on clothes!


Just Between Friends and More…

I am the queen of grabbing a whole wardrobe for my kids at these sales. Just Between Friends is a consignment sale where moms can sell their kids clothes. There are hundreds of these sales across the country! It’s super easy to consign, I have done it a half dozen times and my average checks are around $200 for a few totes of clothes!

I have also shopped at these sales. They offer designer clothes for 60-75% of the retail price. All the clothes are inspected so you know they are in great shape!

Nine hacks to dressing your child to the Nines for under $200 a year!2

I have to admit that my favorite time to shop these sales on the last day, when the stuff is half off. I can score a Gap wool pea coat for my daughter for $3 dollars! I have also gotten tons of clothes with the tags still on them, because let’s face it kids grow so dang fast that there are times where you don’t even get to take the tags off things.

This is how I can keep my kids in clothes such as Gap, Gymboree, Polo, and Ralph Lauren! I would highly encourage you to check out their website to find a sale near you!


Take advantage of the grandparent factor…

Grandparents are always wanting spoil your little ones, let them! Ask for clothes for birthdays, holidays, or for other gifts. Let them spoil them with the Disney charters pjs, Frozen dresses, and light up tennis shoes!

They look like the super hero in your kid’s eyes and you’re not out any money!

Nine hacks to dressing your child to the Nines for under $200 a year!4


One person’s trash is another one’s treasure!

We have scored some major deals at garage sales. We hit up garage sales on our early morning walks, and the kids love it too. We have scored an American Girl stroller for $1 along with a Ralph Lauren sweater for a quarter. I always have a few bucks tucked away in our stroller and in the car so when we go for walks or run to target we can stop. They kids also love “shopping” with their quarter they each get.


Invest in the basics

Stock up on basics at Walmart and Target. I way rather grab the basics at Walmart for a few dollars then buy the same black leggings for ten dollars at Gymboree! You may want to spend a few dollars on the staples like a jean jacket and a pair of cute boots. You can dress up $2 leggings and a white t-shirt with a cute jean jacket as a super cute play date outfit, or add the jean jacket to a simple black t-shirt dress for a dressier look!

Nine hacks to dressing your child to the Nines for under $200 a year!

Stain remover that goes the distance

My mom is the queen of removing stains. I am not ashamed to admit that I have sent her clothes to save! I have also found that soaking kid clothes in warm water and oxyclean overnight will remove even the toughest grass stains or blue frosting blobs!


Stack the coupons

I love stacking Target cartwheel offers, with sale items or clearance! You can score some major deals at Kohls when you combine sales, kohls cash, and 20% off coupons!! You can also score additional percentages off when you have the store card! That saving add up over the year!


Shop a season ahead…

I love shopping a season ahead! I have a tote in the closet for clothes for the next season. For example, in the spring I start shopping for the next fall. You can score some major deals if you do this. You can find snow suites on clearance in the spring for $15 ($60 normal retail price), sweatshirts for $2.88 (at kohls), or even Christmas dresses for under $5! It takes some planning and guessing on sizing but it’s so worth it.

The best part is when those cold days surprise you, or a foot of snow. You are ready to go! Plus, you won’t be caught off guard when they wake up one morning, and their jeans are now flood pants.

This tip saves you a ton of money in the long run!!


Ibotta! Cash in your pocket!

I love using Ibotta, a shopping app where I can earn money on things I buy by just scanning my receipt. I get money back on buying things like yogurt, carrots, apple sauce, and other staples. All from places like Target, Walmart, and Costco. (Receive $10 by just entering the code: vvdvhqi)

I can then cash out my savings for gift cards to places like Amazon, Kohls, Walmart, Target and so many more. They send me a gift card right to my email! It takes about thirty seconds every shopping trip and I have cashed out about $160 this year!

I use that money towards restocking my kids closets, which is like getting free clothes every season! SCORE for MOM!!


Mom Swap

I have a neighbor who has a little girl who is a few months younger then my daughter. I give her my hand-me-downs and she repays the favor in bottles of wine! It’s a win for her because she is getting free clothes and I’m restocking my mom closet with wine!

Find a friend that you can swap clothes with! It’s a great way to get some more use out of clothes and help another mom out!


These are all ways you can dress your kids to the nines on a budget! Just little things can help your budget and keep your kids in clothes. Kids grow so fast it can be hard when you have to buy new clothes every few months! The more money you save the more money you will have to treat your self to a little treat!

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