Toddler Jelly Bean Shoes for Under $10

Toddler Jelly Bean Shoes For Under $102

I love to really get into the holiday season. To see the excitement on my kids’ faces as we prepare for the next holiday; decorating the house, planning our special meal, the crafts, and the shopping! I live off that high. It gives me something to look forward to. It helps break up the routine of the Stay-at-Home mom life.

I love to make memories with the kids.

My mom used to make these super cute shoes for my sister when we were younger. I thought that it would be a great way to get my daughter excited for the upcoming Easter season too!

Here is how you too can make these super cute Easter shoes for your toddler for under $10!

Toddler Jelly Bean Shoes For Under $10

What You Will Need:

  • One pair of white tennis shoes (we got these at Walmart for under $5)
  • Craft paints or fabric paints
  • Fun colored ribbon


All you have to do is make little beans in different colored craft paints around the white shoe. Make sure you buy canvas shoes, as leather won’t work. Don’t worry about them looking perfect, they will be on your kid’s feet and they will only last one season.  Once that paint dries, go back and add little white lines to the beans to make them appear shiny like real jelly beans.

Toddler Jelly Bean Shoes For Under $102

Once all the paint is dry, take out the old laces in the shoes. I like to add a thin bright colored ribbon to add a little extra spring time fun the shoes.

You are all set to go! These shoes are super cute with any spring time outfit or Easter dress. Super cheap and easy to make! It will for sure put a smile on your kids’ faces!


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