How To Refill Your Cup As A Mom

How To Refill Your Cup As A Mom

I am a mom of two young kids. We have our good days and we have our bad days. Either way the days are long, really long.

I find myself at times, missing my “old self”, the pre-mom self. The self that is not a mom. It’s hard when day in and day out you are taking care of everyone around you. You are constantly giving away little pieces of yourself. Sometimes, you just give it all away. At the end of certain days… you’re just empty!

So how do we refill our cup as moms? How do we take that break, that time to our self? How do we take care of ourselves? How do we treat ourselves after a long day of love and caring for others?

I will be the first to stand up, raise my hands and proclaim “I am the worst at this!!” It’s true. I can make excuses, like I don’t really have anyone that can come over when it’s been a rough day. I don’t have a grandma that can come take the kids for a night after a trying day.  My husband works hard to provide for us, so when he comes home worn out I can’t just leave. Plus, I don’t have the energy to leave the house for a break at night when they are in bed and the hubs is home. I just want to sleep at that point too.

How To Refill Your Cup As A Mom3

There are a million excuses I could use. The fact is, it’s unhealthy to not take those breaks. You need to take breaks and clear your head. You need to refill your cup! So instead, I try to find mini moments when I can take ten minutes (ok some nights twenty) and refill my cup.

Here are a few ideas on how moms can refill their cup, for under $10 in twenty minutes

–          Facemasks I love these masks! You can find them at Walmart or Target for under $3 each. The best part of these sheet masks is that if I talk or move they fall off. So, it forces me to sit in bed and do nothing! I just scroll Facebook or watch Netflix on my phone. I can’t talk or move! The best!


–          Wine! Now I am not encouraging you to drink, especially if you are alone with your kids. However, WINE! Ahhhh…. I gave up all alcohol for four years (pregnancy and nursing) in a row. I MISSED WINE! My dad’s best advice ever was “have a glass of wine, and go to bed. Things will be better in the morning!” So true, even on the worst days when I feel so overwhelmed if I just have a glass, things will look more manageable in the morning.

How To Refill Your Cup As A Mom2

–          I have had my husband walk through the door at night and I just have to take a moment and “flip the laundry”. I flip the clothes, then stand there. With the noise of the drier covering the loud voices from down stairs I just breath, and inhale a few pieces of chocolate in peace


–          Amazon is my best friend, sometimes I get out of the shower and I just stand there for a few minutes flipping through amazon. Shopping for stuff that will sit in my chart for months. I just shut off my brain and shop for a few moments of quiet.


–          Showers- I used to love showers. Really HOT HOT long showers, where I would just stand there with water washing away the day. Now, they are quick and to the point when I get them. Even when I think the kids are asleep and I jump in the shower… I am often greeted with an unwanted guest.


–          $1 painting project from the Target spot, it buys me ten minutes. Ten minutes to unload the dishwasher in peace, ten minutes to watch the Today Show, ten minutes to answer emails or call and pay the cable bill, it buys me ten minutes of peace.


–          Long walks with the kids in the afternoons! I love to put the kids in the stroller and take a long walk in the afternoon sun. We pack snacks and just walk! I can pop in one ear bud and listen to a pod cast or just enjoy the sound of nature! Its so peaceful! I don’t have to worry what they are getting into, or what they are doing. It’s just so peaceful!


As moms we need to take a break, no matter how long it is. Just a break to turn our brain off and regroup. We give all day long, little pieces of ourselves to everyone around us. We are constantly concerned about their needs, sometimes we need to take care of our needs too. Take a moment today, to take a deep breath, to wash away the day, and refill your cup!

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