Our Wedding Day: The Royal Disaster

Our Wedding Day_ The Royal Disaster

It’s that time of year. Wedding bells are ringing in the air. Brides are gearing up for their big day, and the wedding invites are arriving to your mail box by the masses.

Every girl dreams of her magical day, the picture prefect day where she is a princess. We plan for months, we work so hard to have everything just perfect. I am here to tell you; your day is not going to be perfect. Things, they will go wrong.

You will survive, trust me. Embrace the failures, embrace the scary moments, because that is what marriage is all about. Its not going to be picture perfect.

Here is our crazy story of our winter wedding that was wonderfully, and magically an epic fail. Guess, what! I would not change a thing, not one thing if I had to do it over again. I loved every misstep and mishap!!!



Dropping the wedding cake

I will never forget the face of my brother as he arrived at my hotel room door holding a mess of frosting and cake. His face white as a ghost, fear in his saucer size eyes. He had dropped our cake, yes that is right- the professional chef had dropped the cake on the way into the hotel.  I laughed, I didn’t care that our wedding cake was now in a rumble. The sound of my laughter made him more fearful. It was a cake, a pastry, who cares. I called a local bakery for my grandparent to pick up a white round cake and we covered it with rose petals, it worked.

That night after our rehearsal, I sat in bed with my sister drinking wine and eating our wedding cake laughing. A prefect memory that I will always have!

Our Wedding Day_ The Royal Disaster2

Photographer who we never got photos from

Our wedding photograph was a sweaty guy, dripping on me as I was trying to get ready. I giggled as my protective sister shooed him away. Later, we never got any photos. It’s a mess of a story. He said he knew we could afford to pay him more and kept the photos until we did so. (Black mailing us or sorts.) So, no photos of our cold wintery day.

Who cares, I am married to the love of my life.


Hubs would not get dressed

My mom and I still chuckle at the moment when she officially because my husband’s mother.  Mothering him to get dressed before the ceremony. He kept telling everyone he had time, the true procrastinator my husband. Finally, there was a moment where my mom had to step in, put her mom hat on, and with her mom voice exclaim that it was time to get dressed.

He willingly did so, but it’s funny how it took my mom to get my husband dressed that day.

Our Wedding Day_ The Royal Disaster5

Best man had the wrong colored shirt on

I love our best man like a brother, he is my husband’s better half! The boys were wearing black shirts with red ties that we had provided.  It was not until we were outside, down town, taking pictures when we noticed it was NAVY, not black. I just laughed, it was a shirt. I was way more excited that he was there for the big day, taking time out of his life to be there. Who cares about his SHIRT!

I am sure his wife was outraged but … it was not a big deal! A memory, a good giggle later when we look back at the day.


Sister was drugged out of her mind

My sister was a saint on my wedding day. She was as SICK as a dog on my wedding day! She arrived the night before with watery blood shot eyes, a BAD head cold, and barely able to breath. That girl smiled the whole time, supporting me the whole time. She felt like she was hit with a school bus but she put on that tiny black dress and stood outside in the cold to watch me get married anyway.


Our Wedding Day_ The Royal Disaster3

Your special day will have things go wrong, it’s ok! That is life, that is marriage. Things wont always be picture perfect. It will make for good memories, good laughs later and will make your day unique. Embrace the falls, the things you can’t control, the failures; because at the end of the day, you will be married. You will have a partner for the rest of your life to conquer the failures with! That is all that matters.

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