I Am Not A Super Mom

I Am Not A Super Mom


I am not a super mom!

I fall flat on my face every day.

My floor has the same amount of grit as a coastal beach.

I have a collection of mismatched sox’s that have been reproducing on my laundry room floor over the course of the last ten months.

I inhale a 3 o’clock cup of coffee, pound of chocolate every day.

I use a few swear words under my breath after nap time, stumbling trying to find something to do with the kids until Ellen is on TV. Ellen means its one hour closer to dinner time, one hour closer to bed time.

I light candles to cover the smell of the dirty diapers that I took out to the trash can two hours ago but you can still smell them inside!

I have had so many Pinterest fails of home cooked meals, I just give up. So, I serve the same four meals on rotation week after week.

I use the kids bath water and baby wash to wash my face every night.

I am honestly amazed that our house plants are still alive, I never water them. They might get a few sippy cups of watered down apple juice dumbed in them by the toddler now and then.

I still have not printed my almost now two-year old’s ONE YEAR pictures. Let’s not even talk about baby books… ok…

I am just a normal mom, I am not super mom.

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