Six Things Pinterest Never Told You About Having A Baby


The minute that stick turns blue we hit Pinterest, HARD! We look at dream nurseries, list of foods to eat and not eat, and what to pack in your hospital bag. However, there is nothing out there that will tell you how you will feel after that baby arrives.

Here is a list that you will really need when you have a baby!


You will hate your husband at times and that is ok

Hollywood always has those moments where the mom is screaming in the delivery room how much they hate their husbands for doing this to them. WRONG! That is not the moment when you will hate them. It comes weeks later.

You will lay there late at night, nursing your sweet baby, staring at your husband and his useless nipples- hating him. Hating that he gets to sleep, he gets to leave the house and work, hating that his body is not a war zone (bloody and sore).

Yes, at times you will hate your husband. Its ok to have those late-night moments of anger towards him. You still love him, it’s just harder to like him at times. You are  sleep deprived, you are hormonal, you have been through a lot. You have been through something he will never truly understand because he just can’t. Its ok… that feeling will go away.


You will be wearing your pregnancy clothes until six months post baby, maybe more

There are those women who claim they walked out of the hospital in the pair of jeans they wore in high school. They are LIARS!!! Maybe they are freaks of nature but the truth is you will be wearing those pregnancy clothes for months post baby. It takes a while for the swelling to go down, for the hormones to balance out, and that stretched out skin to go back. Plus, you may have a few extra pounds to lose due to your nonstop pregnancy cravings of hot fudge. Its ok! It took nine months to put it on and it will take nine months to take it off!

Your body has been through hell, it needs time to heal and recover. Yes, some woman bonce back after they spend hours at the gym. However, I way rather be snuggling that new baby then working out. You will never get those moments back again!

Now, you will want to wear those pregnancy clothes for another reason, other than pure necessity. Comfort! When you bend over to pick up that heavy car seat carrier or your wrestling that heavy stroller out of the car, you will want that belly band in place. To will protect you from plumber crack as your always bending over! I hated when I had to go back to pants with buttons.

Don’t let anyone pressure you do toss those pregnancy clothes until you’re ready! You need to feel comfortable in your own skin before you shed those loose tops and built in spanks.


You will never find your husband more attractive

When you see your husband hold that baby for the first time, and that sparkle lights up in his eyes… you will never be more in love with your husband.

You will never find him more attractive then when he changes that dirty diaper or when he walks through that door after work. You will never realize how badly you need him in your life, and how incredibly thankful you are to have him by your side.

Parenting is hard, and having him by your side… its just magic that you never knew could exist!

six things that

You will be starving after you have a baby

Giving birth is like running a marathon my OBGYN said. Your body will be tired and hungry after. Like right after you have the baby.

I have pictures that my husband took of me, sitting in bed and the doctors are still stitching me up, and I inhaling a deli meat sandwich. No lie! I had our amazing daughter, we did the whole skin to skin thing, then they took her to do weight and what not. In that moment I just had to eat! I reach over to the cool bag on the table next to me, and pulled out that deli meat sandwich that I had fantasizing about for months! Gosh that was the best meal I have ever had, hands down!

You body has been through so much, and labor is takes a lot out of you! You will need to eat and you will need to eat a lot!


You will feel like your failing all the time

As a new mom, there will be instinct that kicks in. Don’t worry, there will be that feeling of just knowing what to do. However, there is a learning curve. It’s like dating, you have to learn about each other. What the baby likes, what each cry means, and how they like things. No two babies are alike. What worked for the first baby, or your friends baby not work for yours.

This will cause you to feel like your failing. The social pressure will make you feel like your failing. The mom down the street who came home with her baby and mowed the lawn the next day will make you feel like your failing. YOU ARE NOT! Trust me!

Again, it’s hormones, and its finding the right groove in your home. When you add a new person, it throws everything off. It will take some time. Things will get better.

If you have a friend or sister who just had a baby. The best thing in the world (more than frozen meals) is just to tell her that she is doing a good job! It helps, more than anything else!!!


You won’t sleep, and not for the reasons you think

You wont sleep for a while, any pregnant person knows that. However, it is not for the reasons you think.

I always hated the saying “sleep when the baby sleeps” with a burning passion. It’s the biggest lie ever!

When that sweet tiny human is sleeping it the only time that you can escape and feel like your old self. You can shower, put on makeup, watch Netflix, eat a hot meal, or just go into survival mode and clean! I understand that you will be tired, and yes it’s important for you to get rest. However, it’s just as important that you take some time for yourself. Sometime where is about your needs and not someone else’s.

Also ,it is hard as first-time mom. You will be awake with worry. Are they too warm? Are they breathing? Will they need to be fed soon? Its normal, they will be ok.

You will also lay awake at night just looking at them. PLEASE DO SO! You will never get those moments back, they will never be that age again. Take that five minutes, watch their eyes flutter with dreams. Watch them make that cute sucking face in their sleep. Breath it in mama, you don’t regret it!!!


There is nothing that can truly prepare you for motherhood. However, this is a list of things that you need to understand. The real side of motherhood.

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