Don’t Look Up

dontlook up2

This photo came up on my Facebook memories today. I had to smile right away….

Moments before  this photo was taken, my dad said something that has stuck with me to this day. “Don’t look up…”

You see my wedding day was totally unlike anyone else’s… true fact! I would call it a “surprise wedding” since we had only given people about two week’s notice. Now, before anyone raises an eye brow, no there was not an “extra guest” in attendance.

 You see, I HATE attention! So, I wanted a small ceremony more focused about us joining together as man and wife then a big party. I wanted a marriage, not a wedding (or a party)!!!

The day had come and about twenty of our closest friends and family had gathered on the roof top of the Crown Plaza in downtown Minneapolis at dust. (Can I just add how much they must love us for agreeing to attend an outdoor wedding in thirty-degree weather?)

As I stood there in the door way to the snow-covered roof top, which was lit up with over a hundred candles, and the frosty thirty-degree air hitting my face. The only thought running through my head was, “today I get to marry by best friend!”

I could hear the Bruno Mars song “Just the way you are” start, I stood in the door way holding my dad’s hand. My dad leans over and calmly says, “don’t look up, Annie”.

Wondering why he had chosen this touching father/daughter moment to say such non-sense? I of course looked up.

I look up to the fifteen floors, (the taller building next to us). To find every window filled with faces looking down, watching our simple and intimate ceremony. Hundreds and hundreds of people. Our wedding had officially become bigger than any wedding I had ever attended!!

You see the thing is… sometimes you can’t look up. You can’t look at the road ahead! The minute you plan something one way, God laughs because he has other plans for you.

My dad’s voice, “don’t look up, Annie” has rung in my ears countless times ever since. Every time I catch myself trying to plan out my life, plan out our future… God has surprises me with a road block, a different direction, a surprise perhaps.

After a while you see the bigger picture and you realize that it’s for the better. However, in that moment of pure defeat…  it can be hard to accept.

I wanted this simple, small wedding ceremony. God had other plans. If I was not going to bring the guests to the wedding, he would!

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