Thanking It Forward


Ohh Thanksgiving week… a week filled with overwhelmed moms just chugging coffee and praying that the darn bird thaws out in time. Endless to-do list, trips to the grocery store, and placing  a store bought pie in your pie pan you have yet to cook a real pie in. The endless begging the kids to keep the house presentable for just a few more days until you surrender it back to them to destroy. The stack of black Friday ads sits on the kitchen table, with countless sticky notes hanging from their pages.

Ohhh it’s a fun week, said no mom ever. It’s the official kick off to holiday stress. Countless battles over who’s house to go to when, the Christmas toy wish list that changes by the hour, and rolls of wrapping paper that become weapons used by the children. BRING IT ON! Gosh I can’t wait.

So, this year we are thanking those over worked mamas out there. Those moms who will be rocking dark circles under their eyes for the next month, because they were up until midnight making sure the holiday season is freaking perfect for their families. We are paying it forward to those mamas – who for the next month will be standing long hours in checkout lines, addressing Christmas cards non-stop until Christmas Eve, and who will be repeating themselves every night “NO! Santa is not coming tonight!”

To you mamas out there… we are paying it forward!!

Thanksgiving week we are going to be giving away WONDERFUL gifts every day! Every day we will have a mom run business giving away a “Thanking it forward” package. Just check out our Facebook page every morning for the days giveaway!

Every morning we will be highlighting a mom based business. We will giveaway one of their top Christmas gift items, along with sharing a DEEP discount for our readers for that one day ONLY!

It’s a great week to start your Christmas shopping while supporting other moms!

The companies we will be featuring:

Gettin’ Crafty Designs

Ellanor Klaire Handcrafted Goods



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