Kids Tooth Paste: The Green Monster

Green monster

Kids tooth paste.

Is there anything else in the whole world that is worse then this green beast?  This goopy green monster haunts our kid’s bathroom, rearing its ugly head twice a day.

Please, why must tooth paste companies make kids paste green? I get the kid appeal, however what about the mom’s sanity? Endless trail of green goo on my counter, floors, cabinets… and yes even gets sprayed on the toilet seat!

The green sludge in the sink, is a constant! Every day, I scrub that dried green monster from sink, every night it reappears mocking me. Laughing at me.

It never fails. I wrestle the kids into clean clothing. The endless battle of trying to get tiny sweaty toes in to sox, the long wait of the toddler to button every button on the sweat she had to sport in the eighty-degree weather.  Then you, the green monster, drizzle down the front of that clean dressed child.  Making the monkey show start all over again, as you laugh from your gunky cap.

And on those rare occasions that this monster makes an appearance in my bathroom, it kicks me in my mouth after I have sleepily applied it to my own brush. It makes my toes curl as this bubble gum mint mixture dances with my coffee breath. Why?

Sorry, green monster as much am I just love our twice a day dance, I despise you! However, I don’t think that you will be moving on anytime soon.  I will just have to smile and bear you.

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