The Big Red Bag


Maybe it’s a cult following or it’s a rite of passage for young girls… whatever it is, there is nothing as magical as her smile as she holds that big red bag! The American Girl grin.

You should just be given a catalog as part of your discharge papers as you leave the hospital with your newborn, because no matter how much you try to put it off you WILL own one of those American Girl dolls at some point.

I never encouraged my daughter to join American Girl band wagon. However, one sunny Friday afternoon I found myself standing inside the American Girl store watching the grandparents fulfilling my daughter’s fantasy of picking out a doll. They had a bigger smile on their faces then I even thought possible. I stood there laughing to my self as I looked at the doll size diaper bag staring back at me.

big red bag 2

I laughed because even though I don’t agree with the $48 price tag on the diaper bag (mine did not even cost that much), I do have to admit that I truly agree with the American Girl concept.

big red bag5

Massive price tag aside, they have truly found a way to support and educate girls during every stage of their life.  They transport them back at in time, to a different era in history. Teaching them what life was like as girls back then.  Teaching them how much we have grown as women over the years. How many more opportunities they have now.

They have educated girls on the values of treating each other with respect, diversity, and we may be different but we all are the same in so many ways. Reinforcing that concept of accepting others for who they are, and what makes us different also makes us unique.

American Girl offer girls a support network with their books on puberty, and changes their bodies are going through. They let girls know they are not alone.  Taking some of those awkward and uncomfortable conversations off moms back, and making it relatable to kids.

I was even surprised to find books on subjects such as girl clicks, bullies, and how to eat healthy.  The subjects that loom over every mother’s head like a dark rain cloud. Unsure how to talk about them, tackle them, or even bring them up with their pre-teen daughters. Books encouraging girls on how to deal with these subjects, and inspiring them to be better people.

American Girl is not going anywhere, we have all grown up with ‘our dolls’ which we have cherished over the years. American Girl has taught valuable life lessons, been our support and guiding light through the tough years of our life when we are just trying to figure out who we are. How can you put a price on that?



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