More Than A Dance Class



It’s so much more than just a dance class.

I never imagined I would become a “dance mom”.  The idea of it kind of made me gag, the tight hair sprayed buns, expensive glittery outfits, the hours of classes… no thank you.  I never thought I would be a part of the that world, nor did I want to.  However, I have found that my daughter’s dance class is so much more than just a class.

You see, my daughter has always been shy. Maybe it’s because I am a stay at home mom, or the fact that she takes after her mommy.  She would always coward behind my leg in public, never would wonder far even at the playground.

As a stay at home mom, I struggled to get her out interacting with other kids. We didn’t have friends in the area, and she was only one so school was out of the question.

I took a chance and enrolled her at a local dance studio, Sanibel Dance Company. I had seen a Facebook ad and I thought what do we have to lose?  Yes, at only fifteen months old my little shy shadow was going to start dance class.

A sweet round face poking out from behind my leg with a death grip on my jeans. She was interested but determined to stand her ground. This is how we spent the first weeks of class.

However, with the help of the most patient teacher on earth, she grew to enjoy the interaction with the other kids to the point I was able to leave the room.  Within a few short months my daughter went from leg hugger to running in to the studio without a look back.


I personally thought dance class was going to be all about “performing”, however I was amazed how much I was wrong.  At the young age of just under two years old, my daughter was gaining self-confidant and independence.  She went from a stay at home only child to this social butterfly.

It amazed me how proud she was of herself, she gained this pride in her accomplishments at dance.  She had this pride in what she was learning and accomplishing.  She loved to show me and everyone else what she had learned and what she could do.

She was this little flower that was blooming in front of my eyes, and it was all due to these one hour dance classes.

Her teacher could offer her something that her mom could not, she took the time to teach my daughter so much more than which steps to do to the beat of the music.  She taught my daughter to be confident in herself and for that I will be forever grateful.

A simple Facebook ad for toddler dance classes were so much more than just a dance class! My little girl grew in her self-confidence, bloomed into this amazing strong person. Right before my eyes I saw her make friends, glow with pride and accomplishment, gain independence.  Dance is more than cans of hair spray, and overly involved moms.  It’s a life style in teaching girls to empowered!


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