Stop and Smell the Dirty Diapers


Stop and Smell the Dirty Diapers

Today I am going to stop and smell the dirty diapers. Yep, that’s right the dirty diapers!

The days when you’re exhausted from sleep training, you have baby spit up or your toddler’s boogers on your sleeve [black shirts are never a mom’s best friend], and the house … Well the house is still standing. You feel beaten, broken, and without hope. Take a moment to smell the dirty diapers.

Think about those moments when you wished that stick would turn blue, or when you held your breath waiting to hear that heart beat for the first time. You dreamed of days filled with little giggles, the floor cluttered with toys, or those cute baby spoons sitting in the sink.

After a miscarriage, and two high risk pregnancies, I remember sitting there praying with my husband for days like today! I would cry to him that I wanted a baby with chubby little thighs, a noisy house, the tantrums that come with making them eat veggies. I wanted the bad days.

When I pregnant and was so fearful, I just wanted be able to have the stinky diapers in those cute new born sizes, I wanted there not to be room for my shampoo in the bath tub because the ledges were full of bath toys, and I wanted to hear those cries through our new baby monitor.

When you’re having a bad mom day, when you feel over run by those tiny humans. Just take a moment, a breath, and think back to the time when your heart felt full of hope, of excitement,  and dreams of motherhood. Things will get better, you will hear those sweet giggles or see those soft smiles on their faces as they sleep soon.

Take a moment and smell the dirty diapers. Be thankful for those moments, because before you know it they will be gone!

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