Why I Have A Love Affair with Amazon!



I am not going to lie; I have a close relationship with our UPS man! Close enough where he knows when not to ring the bell because its nap time, he always does our deliveries in the morning, and he knows to knock so the dogs wont bark! We have a close working relationship. We have a standing date on the 27th of each month and countless dates in-between!

You see I have a deep love affair with my Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial“>Amazon Prime account. Amazon Prime allows me to receive our monthly diapers, gluten free snacks, dog food, my husbands razors, and wipes automatically! I get an email on the 17th to make sure that the order looks ok and to see if I need anything else this month. A few days later it show up at my door!

It saves me from throwing both kids in the car, trying to balance the big boxes of diapers and wipes in my chart (which is already filled with a toddler and a car seat carrier). I can do this all from the comfort of my own home as I rocking my baby asleep at night,

Anything that doesn’t require me to change out of my yoga pants is a win for me.

The best part is how much I save on diapers!!! I can get months worth of diapers for around $30! How many of you can find that great of deal by running around to five different store with your coupon book?

That’s right, I save money and my sanity!

I am not going to lie, sometimes by husband comes home from work and I say, “our Amazon order came today” with a twinkle in my eye. I just love the fact I did not have to go out in the cold to shop!

Amazon also allows getting my clothes folded, a hot shower and the dishwasher unloaded in peace. How you may ask… well because of Amazon Prime video. My daughter can watch all of the kid friendly PBS shows right on the ipad or her Shop Amazon Devices – $20 Off Fire Kids Edition Tablet“>kids kindle for free at any time. Thus allowing me a few moments each day to get things done around the house as she watches a half hour of a show of her choice.

I mean come on, Amazon. You created a Shop Amazon Devices – $20 Off Fire Kids Edition Tablet“>kindle that is covered 100% from my destructive toddler, (they will replace it for free) and you load the thing with more free nighttime stories than we would ever be able to read! You are a mommy’s fantasy!

In my eyes, Amazon is essential to every mommy’s survival. Lets face it, being a mom is not easy at times! Anything that can make our life a little easier is a god sent. If it prevents me from crying in the bathroom at the end of the day, eating chocolate covered popcorn hand over fist, sign me up!!!

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