Ways to spread kindness like glitter

Spread kindness like glitter

Here are just a few ways you can spread kindness daily to people around you. Let’s spread kindness like glitter this week. You never know how a simple act can have such a massive impact on ones life!

  • Leave a $5 coffee gift card on a random in a school parking lot
  • Bring your kids’ teacher coffee
  • Hold open a door for a mom with a stroller
  • Leave a bottle of wine on a friend’s door step
  • Leave a can of tennis balls for a neighbor’s dog outside their door
  • Leave the coin in the Aldi shopping cart
  • Tell a mom in the grocery store she is doing a good job
  • Call your grandparents (they want to hear from you)
  • Drop off a box of dog treats or an old blanket at an animal shelter
  • Put away your phone and play a game with your kids
  • Leave a love note on your spouse’s car
  • Mail a card to a friend just to say that you were thinking about them
  • Leave a bottle of water and cookies for your mail man
  • Drop off a note to your kids’ doctor for always taking such great care of your family
  • Compliment a stranger’s outfit
  • Bake cookies with your kids and drop them off at the police department
  • Pick up litter at the park
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line
  • Leave a pizza gift card on a random car at the pediatrician’s office (all moms with sick kids could use that)
  • Volunteer to read to your kids’ class
  • Let your spouse sleep in and get the kids ready for them
  • Paint rocks and leave them at a playground or park
  • Volunteer to return someone else’s shopping cart at the store for them
  • Text a new mom just to remind them that they are doing a good job
  • Smile at other drivers
  • Tell the check out people at the store that you appreciate them
  • Leave a bigger tip them normal
  • Surprise a loved one at work with a treat
  • Send a letter and stickers to a child in your life
  • Connect a charity to your amazon account (it cost you nothing and amazon will donate to them every time you shop)
  • Use sidewalk chalk to leave messages on the sidewalk around your neighborhood
  • Leave a killer review for an employee who went out of their way for you
  • Have a birthday party for your child’s favorite doll/animal
  • Have the kids leave a thank you picture for the garbage man
  • Tell your kids how proud you are of them
  • Donate to your kids class room
  • Volunteer to help your teacher to cut out things they need
  • Find the most hilarious cat card you can find and mail it to a friend
  • Give your kids an extra-long hug

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