The Thanksgiving Pumpkin

The Thanksgiving Pumpkin
My daughter recently reminded me that its time – the leaves are falling, there is a crispness in the air, and big fuzzy sweaters are back in fashion. She reminded me it was fall.

We have been going at such full speed, it had not dawned on me that it was now fall. I mean yes back to school items have been cluttering the Target aisles since June. However, it was officially fall!

So, my sweet little girl, with her glittery eyes, reminded me it was fall and it was time. It was time for the Thanksgiving pumpkin. I know… I know…. Thanksgiving is months away. However, our thanksgiving pumpkin is something that we start in September.

It’s a small pumpkin we place on our kitchen table. Every night we go around the table and say something that we are thankful for that day. Every night I write on the pumpkin with a sharpie marker what we are thankful and read the past blessings.

By thanksgiving the whole pumpkin is full of blessings.

The kids just love reading them every night. It forces us as a family to slow down and really reflect on all the wonderful things we have in our life – instead of dulling on the negative. Plus, it’s a super cool center piece for thanksgiving dinner!

The Thanksgiving Pumpkin is a wonderful way to reconnect at the dinner table. Put down the technology and have a conversation with your family. It’s a wonderful family tradition that I highly recommend that you start!

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