Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

mermaid image


It’s that magical time of year- the snow is falling, the carols are playing in the background and the kids are hopped up on sugar cookies. The list is hanging on the fridge (all three pages) of toys that are hopping to find under the tree Christmas morning.  It’s the time of year were there never enough money in the budget and not enough hours in the day.

With long hours spent inside with the kiddos- I am always searching for cheap and kid friendly art projects to fill the day.

This project is easy, cheap and even the toddler can do it!

This year we made them “mermaid” style- so in other words we used glitter paint (from the Dollar Store) in blues/greens/purples to give them that shiners look.  You can do any form of color combination that you want. Make them Christmas themed with greens and reds. Or you could do them with your favorite football team colors for daddy!

mermaid image 2


Plastic Christmas ornaments (sold at the Dollar Store or any craft store)

Craft paint

I bought all my supplies this year from the Dollar Store. We made Four bulbs for $5 total (however that included the new paint).


Remove the top clip to the ornament.

Squeeze a small amount of each paint color in the bulb. Small amounts at first you can always add more.

mermaid 3

Twist the bulb around until the paint rolls/drips to cover the whole inside. If you have a young child I would recommend putting the clip back on to prevent “spillage”. Just make sure you remove it again when done so it can dry.

The paint will make a tie-dye effect inside.

Let the ornament sit overnight to dry. Add the clip back on and hang on your tree!


These are a great gift idea for the grandparents too!  This is a simple art project but they turn out good enough to hang on your tree (unlike some “art projects”).

Enjoy your holiday season and go make memories with your kids!

-Laughter and Kisses

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