Five Ways Moms Can Make Extra Cash

Five Ways Moms Can Make Extra Cash3

As a stay-at-home mom I know I am contributing to the family in a way. However, there are times I wish I could help bring in some extra “fun money”.  I don’t think there is a mom out there that would turn down some extra cash- whether it’s to take the kids to the zoo, to skip making dinner and eat out for a night, or a fun family vacation. That extra cash can be handy.

Here are a few creative ways that moms can make some extra cash from home or doing what they would normally be doing away!

Field Agent

This is an app I just discovered. Basically, there are “jobs” you can except, these are simple little things like secret shopping, checking out new products and other retail jobs. You get paid to go to the places you normally go.

For example- I got recently got paid $3.50 for taking a picture of the cardboard bales behind our local Walmart. I made $6.50 for checking if an item was in stock at Target!

It’s simple things that can add up quick!


Facebook Market Place

I am obsessed with cleaning out the clutter in my house. Maybe its been the long winter we have spent inside or the fact I am just ready for a change but… out it goes. I have been listing a ton of stuff on our local Facebook Market Place for sale. I have been honestly amazed by the junk I have sold! I have sold everything from toys the kids have out grown to a coffee pot that we no longer use (I was going to toss it and I made $8!).

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure! Plus I made a ton of extra cash for our family vacation!!

Five Ways Moms Can Make Extra Cash2


I made enough money with Ibotta over the last three months that I was able to cash out my earnings and buy an expensive pair of running shoes that I had been eyeing on Amazon!

Ibotta is basically a coupon app that offers cash back for buying items they are promoting. I look through the list before I go the store, scan my receipt when I am done and I instantly get cash back on items I would be buying anyway. Items such as fresh fruit, yogurt, cheerios, toilet paper, and baby wipes. Its super easy and the $.25 here and $1 there add up over a month!


Fieldwork Research

This is a research group that has offices nationwide. They have so many research opportunities for moms. Last month I made $125 for doing a snack study online. All I had to do was log every snack my kids ate over a three-day time period. Now, if you know my kids you know there were many, many snacks I had to log however it was still an easy $125!

Check them out on Facebook for tons of different research studies online and in their local offices.



I know it sounds like an easy thing but as a busy mom I also know it can be hard at times.  It takes time, planning, and for thought?- I totally get it.

However, as a family of four (with food allergies), we have a stick budget. This is the way we can afford to take our kids on amazing trips, and make some once in a life time memories with them!

We feed our family of four (with food allergies) on $100-$125 a week grocery budget! No lie! We don’t eat out and we wont cheat on that budget! If you want to learn more about how I feed a hungry husband and my kids (Super healthy food) on $100 a week drop a comment below. Its WAY easier then you expect!

Five Ways Moms Can Make Extra Cash4


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  1. I saw an article about your blog (a mom using paper plates) on babble and thought I’d check out your website. Keep up the great work and hope all is we’ll with you and your family:)

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