Crockpot Pot Pie


When the weather turns to that bitter cold, I start to crave comfort meals. Those good, hearty meals that Minnesotan’s are raised on. On an adventure to my Pintrest account I started to see all these yummy recipes for Pot Pies, and my mouth started to water!

I hit the Internet for a gluten/dairy free recipe and came up short. At this point I was bound and determined to make it for dinner so I started to experiment. After a few, ok more than a few, trail and errors I came up with this golden recipe!

I know I am bias but I think this is the best Pot Pie I have had in a long time. If my toddler will eat it, especially something that contains veggies, you know it’s a winner.

Now anyone can make this recipe; however, if you are gluten or dairy free I will give you a few pointers.

***** Please keep in mind that companies can change their ingredients at any time, please check the ingredients before you use the product.

I always use Swanson Natural Chicken broth, it has less sodium and I know it is gluten free. I ALWAYS stock up on frozen chicken breast at Costco. I buy Purdue; it’s a twenty-pound bag for $26. It’s a great brand that is lean and is gluten free.(Chicken breast most often has hidden gluten in the chicken broth they inject the breast with).

I love to serve this topped with Bisquick biscuits from the recipe on the back of the box. However, on this given night the toddler was in rare form so we enjoyed it with a gluten free bun from Aldi’s.

Gluten free/ Dairy Free Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie

¼ Cup Non-dairy Butter Spread

2 Tablespoons Gluten Free Flour

2 Cups Chicken Broth

One Yellow Onion

Salt/pepper to taste

One Bag of Mix Veggies (I use three cups from my Costco bag)

Four Potatoes

Five Chicken Breasts

Peel and dice the potatoes, set aside. Dice the onion and sauté with the butter in a frying pan until tender. Add the flour slowly to make a rue. Add chicken broth to the rue, whisking the rue into the broth. Salt and pepper to taste. Place the potatoes in to the bottom of your Crockpot, place the chicken breast on top, and pour the liquid mixture to the top. Add the bag of mixed veggies to the top of the chicken. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours or until the chicken falls apart.

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