What Is A 3am Friend, And Why Every Mom Needs One!


3 am Friend


It’s 3am. The house is dark, the world has shut down for the night. Maybe you’re up nursing that baby by the low glow of the night light. Maybe you’re in bed cursing your husbands snoring, awaking you from your much-needed slumber. Maybe the world just seems like too much and your just too overwhelmed to sleep. No matter what, that 3am friend is there.


We all have that friend, (if you don’t, you need one!) that we can message, text, or call at all hours of the night. Who no matter what they will be there for you.

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My Favorite Things

 My Favorite Things_ Mom Survival Items

Like any mom I am always searching for a good deal or something to make my busy life as a mom of two toddlers easier. I have complied a list of just a few of my favorite things, things I use daily. These are all things that make me feel more put together, when I walk out the door. Things that keep me more organized or save me from loosing my mind.

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